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The Eco-Union Ecological Association was established in 1994, Gliwice, Poland. At that time the main course of its activity was building ecological awareness in Silesia region and annual organization of the Young Ecologists Summer Schools.

The registered seat of the association was transferred to Wrocław in 2001. It was done after the election of new association authorities, the majority of which came from Wrocław. The Eco-Union Ecological Association supports and coordinates civil initiatives aiming at realization of constitutional principle of sustainable development/eco-development through:

l     Informational and educational activities.

 l    Seeking for system, technological and technical solutions which will enable achieving the goals mentioned above.

l     Promoting initiatives in aid of cooperation with subjects carrying on proecological activities.

l     Undertaking actions aiming at improving legal status of environmental protection and realization of sustainable development principle.

l     Actions in aid of civil society building and tolerance promotion.

l     Actions in aid of European integration and participation of Polish society in the European Union.


The Eco-Union Ecological Association

50-134 Wrocław

ul. Białoskórnicza 26

 tel./fax +48 71 344 22 64

 e-mail: info-ekounia [at]