Project Coordinators

Radosław Gawlik

Subject matter expert

Project coordinator


Born in 1957 in Wrocław, married, has three children and is a vegetarian. A graduate of University of Transport and Communication (The Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications), Slovakia. He obtained his diploma in 1981. In the 80's he taught mathematics at schools in Wrocław. Because of his activity in the opposition movement his employment contract was not prolonged. Periodically he worked  as a construction worker at heights. He was a member of the "Freedom and Peace" Movement between 1986 and 1989 and organized ecological protests for the sake of such entities as  "Siechnice" steelworks, the nuclear power station in Żarnowiec, and the radioactive waste landfill in Międzyrzecze.

Between 1987 and 1989 he was an activist in the Lower Silesia Regional Executive Commission of NSZZ "Solidarność". The author of publications in the underground press, focusing especially on threats in natural and work environment. Radek participated also in the Polish Round Table Talks in the ecology group and was elected as a member of the Parliament in the historic election on 4 June 1989. For 12 years he had a seat in the lower house of the Polish Parliament (Sejm). He participated in the Citizens' Movement for Democratic Action. The Movement was converted into a party - the Democratic Union, and later into the Freedom Union. As its member, he and his friends being ecologists established the Ecological Forum of the Freedom Union (EFFU).  He had been a chairman of before mentioned EFFU  for 7 years. At that time EFFU initiated and caused that many important legal acts being passed, i.e. the principle of the sustainable development was guaranteed in the constitution and the animal protection act passed.

Between November 1997 and June 2000  he was a Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry. The only one government member in coalition with the AWS [Solidarity Electoral Action] who voted against tightening the anti-abortion law. Radek was also against organizing Winter Olympics in the Tatra Mountains.

A Former member of Freedom Union, because in April 2002 he returned to activity in the ecological movement. He became chairman of Polish Green Network Association Union. He was also one of the co-founders of the political representation of the Greens 2004 Movement

Radek is still an active member of the NGOs' movement. Currently he acts as the Chairman of the Eco-Union Ecological Association (Eko-Unia),. Within this organisation he is realising projects concerning ecology, sustainable development of rural areas, international cooperation and green policy promotion. Since 2004, he has been a representative of ecological organizations in the Committees Monitoring Agricultural Sectoral Operational Program and the Rural Area Development Program and since 2007 - the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program in 2007-13.


Ewa Leś

Assistant coordinator


Ewa is a graduate of Wrocław University, has a B.Sc. in Environmental Protection and M.Sc. in Biology. Her specialization is herpetology and non-forest ecosystems. She's active in field of nature protection, ecology and ecological education, in particularly:

l        Participated in actions for ecological education development in The Karkonosze National Park Educational Center.

l        Volunteer work in WWF actions.

l        Participated in environmental/ecological projects (i.a. revitalization of birds hatch habitats in The Przemków Landscape Park, active protection of herpetofauna habitats).

l        Inventories of natural resources (flora and fauna) of national and foreign parks (The Karkonosze National Park, The Valley of Kłodzko, Crimea, Kazakhstan)

l        Ecological education through workshops, happenings, trainings and international projects.

Some of  completed trainings:

l        “Legal responsibility for nature damages”.

l        “The Balitic Sea environment”.

l        Training for Ecological Expert.

Ewa is also an author and co-author of some scientific and popular scientific publications. Currently, as the Eco-Union Ecological Association member, she participates in some projects concerning i.e. balanced development of rural areas, meadow habitats revitalization in Lower Silesia, ecological education.


Dominika Sokulska

Financial coordinator


Dominika is a graduate of  Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences where she obtained the Ph.D. degree in landscape planning. She participated in many science-research projects i.e.:

l        Inventories of natural resources, and defining optimal method for protecting scarps of the dump of after flotation waste tank “Żelazny Most” against erosion.

l        Inventory of natural resources and revitalization project of The Polanica Zdrój Spring Park.

l        Analysis of species and varieties of lawn grasses and their mixtures for football turfs.

l        Possibilities of football turf renovation.

l        Defining the possibilities of converting post-rural areas into recreation areas.

She is an author and a co-author of a few scientific publications, expertises and studies. Dominika worked as a university teacher and a bank employee, and also co-organised many workshops, scientific and business conferences (also international).

Dominika designs green terrains and makes inventories of natural resources (Botanical Expert for Agri-environmental Programs, No 1842/2008 in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's registry). Promotoes ecological education as a board Member of the Ecological Association Eco-Union. She works for the benefit of rural areas sustainable development (The Village Restoration Moderator Certificate, Marshal's Office of Lower Silesian Voivodeship; a member of The Local Active Group Good Widawa River Programme Council). She's also an editor of technical magazine.