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Partners of "The Baltic Sea is in Europe" project are: The Our Earth Foundation and The Fisheries Secretariat (FISH)

The Our Earth Foundation

The organization was created in 1994 by Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz. It realizes public-benefit aims and specializes in ecological and civil education. Since it has been established, the Foundation coordinates the Clean up the World campaign in Poland, which is a part of international movement in aid of environmental protection. Nearly 40 million volunteers in the entire world participate in the movement.

In cooperation with local governments, schools, organizations, business people and mass media, the Foundation carries also out the one-year programs supporting environment protection. The most important of them are:

l        The “Pure Gmina [Polish territorial]" Programme promoting integrated waste management.

l        The "We shall help horse-chestnuts" Programme saving the trees from the horse-chestnut leaf miner (lat. Cameraria ohridella).

l        The “Gardens of Our Earth" Programme which coordinates creation of gardens near educational institutions.

l        The "Forest Friends" Programme supporting social reforestation actions and ecological education in this field.

l        The "Sentenced to ecology" Programme promoting ecological activity as one of the prisoners' resocialization methods.

l        The "Climate for Earth, Warmth for Warsawians" Programme aimed at residents of Warsaw and Pruszków, promoting energy saving and other behaviours aiming at climate changes counteracting.

l        The "Live, Learn and Develop" Programme- education for balanced development encompassing Targówek- a Warsaw district.

l        The "Pure Environment- fall in love with comfort" Programme carried out among schools in Konstancin-Jeziorna and surrounding villages, teaching children about ecology and nature.

The Foundation is also an author of environment protection projects. FNZ does them in cooperation with entrepreneurs such as: Vattenfall, Metsa Tissue, Procter&Gamble, Coca Cola, Ricoh, Carrefour and many others. It cooperates with ecological organizations from Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia and Lithuania, supporting development of the Clean up the World movement in these countries.

Mira Stanisławska Meysztowicz, the Founder and the Chairwoman of the Our Earth Foundation board, was decorated with the Order of Polonia Restituta by the President of Poland in 2001 for her activity in the ecological education field. In 2002 Polish children decorated her with the Order of the Smile. In 2005 she received the title The Man of the Year of Polish Ecology 2004  in a contest organized by social organizations and the National Fund for Environmental Protection.

Professionalism and her activity in the Our Earth Foundation was appreciated and awarded: in 1996 - with "The Golden Leaf" prize by the Ministry of the Environment, in 1997- Henry Ford European Conservation Award, in 2002- with the "Pro Publico Bono" Award for the best civil initiatives and in 2006 with the first prize in the Polish national plebiscite for the best organization promoting recycling in the years 2001-05.

The Our Earth Foundation has 20 permanent co-workers in the whole Poland. Nearly 2 million volunteers participate in its actions and programmes every year!


The Our Earth Foundation

ul. Hoża 3m/5

00-528 Warsaw

tel./fax (0-22) 6228118, 6229868

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The Fisheries Secretariat (FISH)

It is non-governmental organization whose actions aim at balanced fishing in the European Union area and on the international level. It was established in 2003 by three non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental protection: The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the WWF Sweden and the Swedish Anglers' Association. 

Our long-term plan is sea in good condition with prosperous fish resources and marine biodiversity protection. We aim at beneficial development of fishery sector which exists within the bounds of marine ecosystem and protects the variety of marine resources and habitats effectively. 

The FISH is active in the field of balanced fishery by giving information, through international cooperation and lobbying.  Our mission is to help and support other organizations and the public by extending information and knowledge about sea environment, especially about the Baltic Sea.


l        Strives for change in fishing policy.

l        Follows the fishing policy development, recognizes effective solutions and balanced fishery     management.

l        Informs about fishery in the European Union and in the international area.

l        Co-operates with industry, NGOs, scientists and decision-makers in order to gain balanced fishery development.

l        Encourages public debates about fishery.

l        Supports its members and decision- makers in work in aid of the Baltic Sea and balanced fishery.



The Fisheries Secretariat

Âsőgatan 140

116 24 Stockholm


Tel: +46 (0)8 25 07 90

Fax:  +46 (0)8 642 83 40

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