About the Project


The aim of the project is to contribute to environment protection and sustainable development of the Baltic Sea. Why "Baltic Sea in Poland, the Baltic Sea in Europe”? Responding concisely – because each of  80 million inhabitants of  the Baltic catchment area “connects to The Baltic Sea everyday while turning on the tap”.

In 2007 we were leading a campaign “The Baltic sea is in Poland” which main goal was integrating fishermen environments, non-governmental associations, scientists and administration in Baltic Sea Parthnership. We have built common program for Baltic Sea together. In this social program we wrote number of tasks for balanced development. We would like to accomplish part of them as a part of this project. For us it’s obvious that the Baltic sea is our European value and we have to cooperate with our foreign partners. In August 2007 at Hel, a cooperation of ecological organizations from Poland, Sweden and Finland was tied (Baltic net NGO). To guarantee the balanced exploitation of fish resources our cooperation will be continued.

The target groups are fishermen environments, non-governmental organizations, scientists associated with nautical fields, administration, autonomies/governments and farmers. Media campaigns, radio and television spots and the International Cleaning of Baltic Sea are addressed to wider groups – consumers, public society.